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Stock Footage and Video Clips
Available for Licensing

We have a wide variety of travel video footage from all over the world that you can use on your website, TV show, corporate presentation, and more. You can even license the full resolution, broadcast quality masters of the clips that you see here on TravelVideo.TV

Video Format: NTSC Broadcast quality QuickTime (.mov) at 720x480 using the DV compression codec is suitable for television broadcast or DVD, and can be edited using any QuickTime-compatible application, such as Final Cut Pro. This footage can also be transcoded to any format for digital distribution such as Flash, Windows Media Video, MP4, Video iPod, iPhone, etc. We can transcode the video clips into the format that you require for an additional fee.

Video Content: Although we have a large raw stock footage library, we are mainly focused on licensing the edited clips that you see here on TravelVideo.TV. On this site there are over 300 video clips of the world, averaging 1 to 4 minutes in length that you can license to use in your video productions, or on your website.

Licensing Rates: Our rates vary according to the amount of videos that are ordered. Each video clip is USD $150.00 and bulk rates as low as $30 per clip can be negotiated for large orders. They are delivered via DVD-ROM or Firewire drive, depending upon the amount of videos that are licensed. We can also deliver the master DV clips via FTP, however due to the large file sizes, they are limited to 1 or 2 video clips. We can compress them to MPEG-4 H.264 for delivery via the internet for larger orders.

Licensing Rights: The video clips cannot be re-sold or re-licensed to a third party. If the video clips are broadcast online, they can only appear on 1 (one) url, and are prohibited from being used in any other websites. The clips can be re-edited to suit the user. Audio can be altered to support translations. Sponsors logos can be inserted into the final product.

If you would like to license our footage or have any further inquiries, please contact us here.

Samples of Video Clips for Licensing

Banff, Alberta, Canada

Venice, Italy

Versailles, France

Cordoba, Spain